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Export and import logistics hub 

GSL is a dedicated digital procurement, export and import logistics hub for goods delivered to and from the Global South, developing and deploying most powerful and efficient IT solutions and AI for exceptional customer service and reliability. 

The definition “Global South” refers to 78 economically emerging regions like Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

Over 100 combined years of industry experience

Global South Logistics was launched in 2022 due to high demand in logistical enterprises caused by active expansion of manufacturing facilities to the Global South. Today massive investments in infrastructure and development of life essential sectors are made and new cross-region megaprojects are successfully launched and new supply chains arise.

Our team has over a 100 combined years of industry experience in Distribution, Procurement, Aircraft MRO, Design and Manufacturing, Leasing and IT businesses. We have direct agreements with leading suppliers and provide on time delivery to various locations in the Global South.


Today regions of the Global South launch numerous infrastructure megaprojects of local and international importance and they need reliable connections and deliveries within the region and with the Global North.


units of assets supported annually


active suppliers


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Direct cost savings for our customers





We stick to the most stringent procurement standards and logistic schemes and we are ready to offer you the solutions meeting all the needs of your business.

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